Saturday, March 17, 2007

Here We Are

So we created a blog. Now I have to find something to say. Lets start with complaining....I'm good at it. We just recently found out that our house will not be ready in time for us to move directly into it when we move out of this house so we will be homeless for a week or two. We will be crashing at Prestons parents house during that time...we haven't told them yet.
Right now we are having a fun time betting (not really) on the NCAA tournament. Prestons mom prints off the schdule every year and we all guess from the first to the last round who is going to win every game. It's only the first round, but Preston and I are both loosing equally. Go Oregon! Um, we took Kaylas soother away from her this weekend....yes, she still used one to sleep. SO far she is doing great with minimal whining. Next it's potty training. I've told lots of you, but Clayton is super lippy right now. I say to him "your being rude" and he says "no, your being rude" and he always shoots back at me what I just said to him. He even said to me the other day when he was mad "I'm going to shoot you" So, that is our challenge of the week (hopefully it only lasts that long) Besides that he is a really fun kid who loves to play cars and playdoh. His favourite thing to do right now is run around the house and pretend to be a car and crash into us. He's a true boy.
Well, thats the end of my first blog entry. I promise it will get better. For now, I'm excited to get some pics on here.