Monday, June 16, 2008

Rain rain

This is what I miss about the east, the nice warm rain storms. I was only here 6 weeks and my kids finally got to play in one. I spent 8 years in Calgary and they don't come. The problem with Calgary si when it rains, there is usually a cold front so it a cold gloomy rain. Most of the summer rains in Ontario are accompanied by hot humid 30degree weather. It was right before dinner, but I was still happy to let them run outside. They then had dinner in their underwear.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I took a stand

SO, I was outside with my kids watching the garbage truck and as it came around to ourhouse, I could see the guy doing the picking up was talking on the phone. He was swinging the garbage into the truck with one hand. He came to our house and we had one bag of garbage that was a little heavier than the others and he picked it up, I guess he couldn't manage it while he was chatting on the phone so he threw it back on the curb and got back on the truck. I was standing 10 feet away from him. He didn't look at me, just kept talking on the phone and went on. So, I went into the house and called the city to confirm the weight limit. Then Jordan(my brother) and I took a scale outside to weigh it. We were completely within the limit, if only by 5 pounds. So I threw the bag into the truck and tried to chase down the garbage truck. By then I couldn't find it. So I called the city again and asked for a driver route. O.K. , just so you know, this is usually where i give up and sit at home and fume. But, my kids had been ROTTEN this morning and I was ready for a fight. Well, the drivers don't have routes...or some dumb explanation like that so I asked her what I was suppose to do with this incredibly smelly bag of garbage. She gave me the address OUTSIDE THE CITY that I can drop it off to. At which point I said "I'd like to file a formal complaint" Well, I don't know if I got anywhere, but I was proud that I actually stood up and did something. Today, I will be taking the bag over to my grandpas to get picked up. It's his garbage day.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Read the Label

My little rant. My kids love Nutella, which I think is pretty good and I even let Clayton have it for breakfast a few mornings. The first ingredient is Hazelnuts(followed by sugar of course) so I'm just glad it is semi-healthy and he thinks he is having chocolate for breakfast.
Anyways, today i was at Zellars and I decided I would try a different brand becuase it was cheaper and the bottle was bigger. Good deal.
I don't know why but I didn't read it and when I tasted it, it was very sugary. Sugar is the first ingredient and hazelnuts is number 8! Which means I am just feeding him a jar of sugared crap. Yes, I tend to rush when I am shopping and my kids were running all over the store so i wasn't very relaxed. But, it makde me realize sometimes that few extra dollars is worth it, and there is often a reason for it.
Besides that, I have been sweating like a pig in Ontario. I don't like the heat in the first place. Add the humidity and I am miserable. I don't have maternity clothes that are suited for this kind of weather, so even in my capris, I walk around all day feeling like I wet my pants. SO, I bought a flowy dress. I will still ahve to put a t-shirt under it, but atleast I will have a little bit better air circulation:)
I almost bought a classic moo moo. It looked sooo comfortable, but, as comfortable as I am in almost any piece of clothing(most of you have seen some horrendous outfits on my frame)these were just horrible. I couldn't pull it off on my best day. I still want one, but I can't figure out a way to not look 60 and have everyone stare at my. I guess I'll just suffer in the heat...not silently either:)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Garage Sale

So, I have a friend (Hi Deb) who invited me over to pick through her little girl clothes as she is having her last baby....a boy. I came home with an over stuffed bag of what I am thinking is $1000.00 worth of clothing and footwear. and it is all wonderful condition and great quality. I totally scored! However, I opened my big mouth and said she should sell her clothes becuase she would make a fortune. So, we are organizing a garage sale. Yesterday I made cute little cards to invite the rest of my street to participate so we can have a big sale. Kayla and I delivered them in the grossly humid heat and then I came home and made little cards specifically to hand out to people I know that will need little girl clothes. Then I went over to Deb's last night to help her organize the clothes for sale. Holy crap does she have a lot. I'm guessing she will make $500.00 or more but I don't want to get too confident. I think we labeled them all well. T-shirts $1.00, Brandname 'special' t-shirt are $3. Childrens place jeans are $5. and she's got piles of those. Dresses are all priced individually $2-$8. Either way I am excited and I hope it turns out. I will advertise on line and make bold signs to put at the end of some streets. I haven't heard back from anyone on the street yet...I'm trying not to get nervous about that.