Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Here we are

So we are in Calgary and it has been a really interesting week. I have been sleeping worse than I have in a long time. I'm trying not to count the little hours I am sleeping every night doesn't help things. I bought us a house. It is in Okotoks. Preston hasn't seen it yet. I am nervous for that incase he hates it. He has seen photos, but it is never the same. We have certainly learned that. I spend a lot of time on the phone between lawyers, agents, moving companies and utilities etc. I hate the phone. I also spend a lot fo time driving. The kids started school last week in Okotoks and we are living in North Calgary for the next few weeks. 3 hours of driving a day! I hate that too. Tomorrow we are going to hang out at Kamilles in Okotoks so then I will only have to drive 1.5 hours. The kids have been keeping me busy too. Even though we are at grandmas, I am trying to do most of the child tending myself and without Preston it is getting tiring. I need someone to complain too. And I am 37 weeks this week! I hope I go early this time. Like next week, when my mom is here (she is driving my van out here)and Preston gets here. Two grandmas and a daddy all in the same house....I'd get lots of rest:) Shows have to go to bed. More later.

This was Aug 23

o most of you have heard by now that we are moving back to Calgary...well, Okotoks. Close enough. We are leaving next week. Adleine is already there and I will have been an entire week without her by the time I get there with the other kids. We miss her so much, but at the same time it has been sooo relaxing. I didn't relize how much time I have to give her everyday and how hard she is on my 36 week pregnant body. Preston will be driving out with Jordan on Sept 5th to join us. Jordan will be joining us for a bit hoping to get a good job. He's been struggling here to find one. You may have heard rumors as to why we are leaving. The common one, that my parents are passing around, is taht I hate everyone here:) Let me clarify. If you ask Preston, he will say we aer moving back because of PST, preperty taxes, and his hourly wage. I will tell you, it is becuase he misses his family nad his best friend. It is probably a little bit of both. Preston didn't really make the decision for us to go at this time though. He kept talking about how he wanted to go back 'at some point' and I said 'lets go now' I don't want to keep uprooting the kids now that they are in school. I an very torn between my desire to stay here in a town I like, around my family, and being in Calgary with all the kids cousins and stuff. That is where my family gets confused that I hate everyone. I wont lie, that it is a perk, that in Calgary I have a mother-in-law who can babysit when I need her to, cousins for the kids to play with, and family gatherings are geared more towards the kids, not shutting up the kids:) My siblings just haven't reached that part of their lives yet....but it is not my reason for moving! Anyways, that's the story. My only fear is having this baby on the airplane:)