Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm still here

Forpeople that actually read my blog...I'm still here. We've been out of our house and in my in-laws for a couple days and we just took possession of our new house today so it's been a wild week. I kept wondering if I would cry when we left our house as it was our first and where we have had both our children.. Not as emotional as I thought. Though I had a wierd feeling when we had to stop by to drop off keys and they had new furniture on the porch. They even threw out the curtain panels from the living room within hours of moving in. So we snagged them fromthe alley....they are very versitile panels. ANyways, everything has gone as smoothly as it can so far and the new house is beautiful. Next week I'll have pics.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I love my family!

I had a whole day to myself today! Preston took the kids to his parents and I got to do some packing. I also took a minute to rent Stranger Than Fiction while I folded laundry and I had 2 whole meals without interruption. However, having the whole day to myself made me realize that life is nothing without them. (I hope no single, childless people are reading this) Even though I had lots to do, I found myself bored. I'm always torn. When they are around, I am frusterated I'm not getting anything done. But an hour after they leave I want them back! I have no idea what I did with my time when I was single and I keep thinking that when I get alone time I will just love it. But I realize I love my family more and I guess that is a good thing:)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New JOb

I told you I would have some new news. Preston got a new job! Hooray! Why am I excited? Well, if you talk to me at all, you will know that we run a business together and I am way to involved. This means no more payroll, paperwork or any other misery to take me away from my other job (raising 2 crazy kids). The downside is I no longer have an excuse to have cleaning ladies come because I should have the time now to clean myself. We just decided that we started the business at a bad time in our lives. We still want more kids and I can't do both and it's just WAY simpler. SO yay!

Imaginary Friend

So Clayton has some imaginary friends. I may have mentioned this to some of you and I was worried but I did the good mom thing and researched it to find that it is quite normal. Infact it shows great creativity and smarts, so I guess I should be thrilled he has imaginary friends. His best friends name is Blun. He Also has an Ugo, Slack and Thacker. Today I left his 'friends' outside by accident so I had to let them in out of the rain. He tried to tell me I left them at Walmart but there was no way I was going back to pick them up:)
Anyways, it's fun to watch him play with Blun. I just get a little tired of hearing about him. But I am trying to listen as they say if their 'friend' has concerns like he is afraid of the dark, it is usually a sign that the child is more afraid of it himself. Anyways, swimming lessons starts tomorrow and I'm excited to see if Clayton does o.k. on his own while I'm with Kayla.
ALso, I've been exercising. I have to say that on here so you all ask me periodically how I'm doing. Which will make me feel guilty that I am slacking off and I will get at it.
Tomorrow is our walk through. I'm very excited to get this all over with. So stressful!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

So not creative

Just so you know. I'm not good with titles. So you will often see titles that says 'this week' or 'weekend' I just don't have that creativity gene that you all seem to be blessed with.

Anyways. It was easter this past weekend and my mom came to visit. All we did all weekend was shop and sew. We made some window treatments for the new house. Actually we made a lot of them...all for under $100.00! My mom is the best bargain shopper ever. We made me a super cheap, yet super stylish bed cover too. I have to say I walked into the Bay and I was ready to give up after 5 minutes but my mom kept digging....and we scored. Same with Fabric Land. I always prep myself for a visit to that store because I usually walk out frusterated. Anyways a weekend well used. I had a small family dinner at Kamilles(SIL) house on Sunday and my mom left early Monday. I had to take her to the airport at 5 am but I went back to Prestons parents house and went to sleep till 8:30!!! Preston brought the kids up at 11am so I had the whole morning to myself....and they were even clothed properly when they got there:)

These are just some silly pics. Clayton gave me a whopper of a bruise (yes, my legs are that white) when he kicked my leg instead of jumping over it. Just goes to show what kind of damage a 3 yr. old can do. I just joined an Ultimate Frisbee team. I'm terrified!! I am soo out of shape but I have been asked a couple years in a row and I finally said yes. I'm very excited for the extra motvation it will give me to get back into shape. But like I said...I'm terrified! I'm no good at sports and I'm afraid they will all yell at me when I don't catch the frisbee.

Thats us in a nutshell. We are making a lot of interesting decisions right now about where we are going to live and work in the near future so stay tuned becuase I'm sure I'll have some fun posts to come!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Birthday Clown

I finally got my camera back so I can tell you about the party that CLayton went to last week. It was a 4 yr old birthday party and they got a clown becuase the weather stunk. Best idea ever. Look at the pictures...the kids are mesmorized! They just laughed and laughed and loved it. Again, best idea ever. Wouldn't recommend it for a younger crowd (Kayla was there and was watching but just didn't get the jokes the way the 3 and 4 yr olds did) I totally want to do it for CLaytons birthday...I'm such a copy cat. Anyways her name is Button. She walked in and made a horrible first impression on me cause she didnt act the way I thought clowns acted...but she was totally great. Get a clown!

darn that soother

So I think I wrote previously that we took Kaylas soother away. I lied. We gave it back because she moved into a big girl bed and was having a tough transition. However, a couple days ago, Preston threw Kaylas last soother in a construction bin and I have been cursing him ever since. Kayla has never been much if a cryer but she woke up yesterday at 5:45 and then didn't nap, and THEN screamed herself to sleep for an hour and a half! It was horrible. I have one of those kid proof door handles on the door so she just stood there trying to open the door. I finally relaxed after she fell asleep and then she woke up 3 times in the night and woke up at 6:20 this morning. I know she is still tired so I closed the door and let her scream for 15 minutes. SHe is taking a nap today whether she wants it or not. I will never to this cold turkey again!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Back Track

So I am excited to get some cute pics. on here so I'm going to back track a little bit. Gymnastics just ended for Kayla a couple weeks ago and I am kicking myself for not signing her up again....she loved it! SHe asks about it all the time and I feel bad. But swimming starts in a few weeks for both kids...should be almost as fun.
Clayton is a bit afraid of getting water in his face and he certainly wont put his head under the water so we will see how the lessons go. After all, we are moving into a lake community...the kids have to know how to swim!
The cold snap that we have had has made us resort to some silly indoor activities. Yes the kids are sitting naked in buckets of soapy the house. I make a car wash for Clayton every once and a while and he cleans his cars with a toothbrush and rinses them and drys them. They decided to wash themselves this time. It made a big wattery mess, but they had fun. I realize though I have to draw a line. Today they went into the bathroom together and took the potty bucket from the potty and scooped water out of the big toilet and dumped it on the floor. Unfortunately, I didn't catch on until the big toilet was empty.
This past weekend all we did was pack ...oh and we went to a surprise party. When we came home the babysitter was asleep on the couch and Kayla was screaming on the stairs. Heavy sleeper. I guess you have to be a mom to care:)
Happy Easter everyone!