Saturday, May 31, 2008

Grumpy Grumpy

I've found I've been extra grumpy lately. I'd like to blameit on pregnancy but I think it is the whole combintion of things. We're living at my moms with other people who make their own messes and live their own lives and it is starting to drive me nuts! I think Preston has a hard time understanding becuase he is at work all day and just chills here in the evening. I have to function...I'm used to having my own house and cleaning up after my own family, and now I have to worry about 4 single adults. It is very different. Besides that, prenancy is getting less convenient. I seem to have a lot of veins that are sticking out this time around and I don't like it! My legs get sore and everything gets tired. I don't like not bei able to function at full capacity and I get grumpy when I can't get things done. Of course, I have been trying to do some interesting things like building gardens mowing the lawn and building brick walls:)
Thats really all I have to complain about, I just find I've been loosing my temper easily and I get really annoyed by people. I hope it passes. I don't like being aggitated all the time.
Lets look for the positive...Clayton loves school, Kayla is adorable and I enjoy playing Go Fish with her everyday. She mixes up the 6 and 9 sometimes but it is so cute playing with her.
Well, I just wanted to babble while I had the time. Maybe I'll make more sense of this post later.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

here's some pics from Ontario

My mom does cottoncandy and popcorn for public events. It's a major perk of living with Nana:)

Kayla loves her Salvation Army finds.

1st day of JK. We loves school and I love that he brings a new book home everynight that we read together. he is becoming such a good reader.

This is my brother Jordan playing MarioKart with Clayton. There are alot of video games played at this house.


Yes, I suck at blogging. I guess I figure no one is going to look at it now that facebook is around. Anyways, we have made some big changes, or are trying to atleast. Since my last blog, we have gotten pregnant. I keep wondering why. It's silly. Sometimes you're like 'yay baby' like I was with my first two, and this time I'm like 'ehhh, baby, o.k.' I know I will love it as much as the other two when it comes, for now I'm just kinda wierd about it. As far as we know, it is a girl and we are naming her Adeline. I always have problem-free pregnancies (besides the sugar cravings and the small bouts of crying) but this time I have vericose veins and I'm afraid they will stay. I got medical stockings but i really hate them and they aren't really painful. However, I can feel the blood rushing to the one leg when I get up in the morning.

So, besides baby, we are in Ontario right now attemping to live out here. We just decided that unless there is a really good reason to be in Calgary, it's kind of an undesirable place to be. We loved the friends and family we have there but it is so big and busy and expensive and it was really feeling like a rat race. Partially our fault because we got a little caught up in it too. So, we are trying to sell our house and simplify. We don't need a big, beautiful new house in a brand new area that we are paying too much for. I was always overwhelmed by our mortgage. Anyways, if we can get it sold, we will be in a modest home with a tiny mortgage and no car payments or anything, which I think is much simplified. There is something to be said about the feeling of being free of debt rather that being riddled with it. We are staying at my moms house right now and I LOVE it. Not so much the part where I am living with my brothers and sisters, but the house and the area. We walk to school, mall, community centre, park and live on a quiet, safe culdesac. More worry free living! We would love to buy out this house and it looks like we may have the opportunity in a year or two. For now, we are going to move into the back part of the house (it has a granny suite) and see where life takes us. We have actually just considered renting out our house in Calgary becuase the market is so tough right now we are afraid it may not sell. So many things to think about.
Anyways, since we've been here, Clayton has started JK (they have Junior Kindergarten everday out here in the school system) and they are both in Gymnastics and a craft class. When you're not in your own place, it's nice to keep a little busy outside the house:)
We've all been getting along really well, whcih I am surprised about becuase Preston always feared his ability to get along with my mom but he hasn't said a thing and is pretty happy. So, we will see what the future brings...