Sunday, April 3, 2011

Exercise Blog?

Ok, so the budget blog idea stunk. I don't want to post about the budgeting we are not doing very well. However, Preston did buy a RV...but his father and I convinced him to wait until next year, so I got the lucky job of "unbuying" it. SO, I guess we are still keeping our budget. Anyways, my friend is starting a group/contest for weight loss and I'm kind bummed I can't join. Why can't I? I have no weight to lose! HOWEVER, I am incredibly out of shape. I have flab everywhere and I have pathetic endurance levels, but that is not what the group is about. I thought about joining anyways. I guess I could lose a few pounds..but I'd gain it all back in muscle when I started working out. We'll see. I may have to find another way to motivate myself. My biggest obstacle will be sugar. I can't kick it. I've never been able to even go 24 hours. I wish they had diets camps for moms...kinda like detox. I need to be detoxed so I can start fresh. I'm so weak.
Enough Whining. We are all fine. We went out today after the big snow dump and Penny fell into a huge puddle, face first. She was fully soaked, and fully mad. Luckily it was right in front of the house. I'm still having fun sewing. I learned a new trick, which I am sure is basic for most sewer but it's so fun to learn new things and feel like you are getting better. I am still just making dresses for my girls...I hope to move on sometime to other items but I get overwhelmed by sewing easily, so I am learning a little at a time and perfecting those techniques first.
I'm excited.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Budget Blog?

I can never think of things to blog about....maybe this can be my budget blog. I recently went to Costco and saw a Vitamix demo and fell in love. Now, I don't feel like I jump on the band wagon of all these fancy appliances(I never got a bread mexer becuase I think they are stupid) so I feel justified in wanting this awesome blender type machine. I came home and raved about it to Preston and he didn't care, so I borrowed one from a friend for 24 hours and made 5 different things to show Preston. I made juice, and I didn't have to have any liquid. I just blended up grapes, straberries, spinach, a carrot, and I left the core in the apple and blended that up too! It made a thick juice and Preston was unimpressed with the taste. However, my demo was not about the taste, but the ability of it to blend the crap out of it all! Then I made strawberry icecream with a whole tomato in it! The kids loved it. Then I made muffins...I will stick to my kitchen aid. It is not an excellent muffin mix blender. Then I made lemon ice. Just crushed a pile of icecubes and added a little lemon and sugar and everyone loved that Then I ground some quinoa and made a cake. Not bad. Some of you may think that that is what a blender is suppose to do. But I have had a string for crappy blenders that you have to shove spoons in to help it blend OR i have a magic bullet and I have to add a tonne of juice for my smoothies to blend. I still like my magic bullet, but I hate chunks and seeds and the bullet doesnt' always get it all.
What does any of this have to do with budgeting?
Well, a Vitamix is over 500 bucks...not in the family budget. So, I made a deal. If I can budget the crap out of my grocerys, clothes, and other fmaily expesnes, and get our Visa paid off, I can buy one. So, maybe a year....yah, our visa is that high. So, I used coupons off the cereal box this week...Yay!
Stay tuned for other budgeting skills that I hope to develop!