Sunday, April 3, 2011

Exercise Blog?

Ok, so the budget blog idea stunk. I don't want to post about the budgeting we are not doing very well. However, Preston did buy a RV...but his father and I convinced him to wait until next year, so I got the lucky job of "unbuying" it. SO, I guess we are still keeping our budget. Anyways, my friend is starting a group/contest for weight loss and I'm kind bummed I can't join. Why can't I? I have no weight to lose! HOWEVER, I am incredibly out of shape. I have flab everywhere and I have pathetic endurance levels, but that is not what the group is about. I thought about joining anyways. I guess I could lose a few pounds..but I'd gain it all back in muscle when I started working out. We'll see. I may have to find another way to motivate myself. My biggest obstacle will be sugar. I can't kick it. I've never been able to even go 24 hours. I wish they had diets camps for moms...kinda like detox. I need to be detoxed so I can start fresh. I'm so weak.
Enough Whining. We are all fine. We went out today after the big snow dump and Penny fell into a huge puddle, face first. She was fully soaked, and fully mad. Luckily it was right in front of the house. I'm still having fun sewing. I learned a new trick, which I am sure is basic for most sewer but it's so fun to learn new things and feel like you are getting better. I am still just making dresses for my girls...I hope to move on sometime to other items but I get overwhelmed by sewing easily, so I am learning a little at a time and perfecting those techniques first.
I'm excited.


Anonymous said...

so..did you make a profit on the RV?? :) (yes, I am reading)
Love, Mommy

Gladys and Jerome Wigg said...

I am excited to read the "diet blog" and the "sewing blog", too. Hey, where's the pictures of the kids for the old Grandma and Grandpa that are away serving in a foreign land and missing you? Lots of love to you.