Sunday, November 11, 2007


So we went to Hawaii for 2 weeks...without the kdis. It just about killed me. I was fine the first 10 days but the last 3 I really just wanted to go home. We went to the Polynesian Culture Centre which I loved! We went there twice so we could see all the pavillions. The neatest place ever. We went to the North Shore and watched Surfing and that was cool but the waves were too big for us to even attempt to go into the water...we were scared. The best thing for shrimp lovers are the shrimp trucks. They are ugly rustly old busses that serve the best shrimp. I hate shrimp and I even found it slightly tollerable so it had to be good. Preston made us go back for round two. With our lazy days we spent it on our balcony watching season 1 of heros. ti was nice just to lounge sometimes. We stayed on the west side of the island which is not very touristy and there were many people loving on the beach. I found that interesting becuas eyou could tell that these people had been there so long becuase their 'residences' were so built up. I'm sure that is a huge tension with the tax payers, but it's a small, very expensive island....
We also got to watch a brush fire on the mountain beside our resort one night. It was neat to watch but days of wrok for the firemen trying to keep it away from us and the nearby condos. All in all, I would recommend Hawaii and I basically told you the best parts about it.

Picture perfect Hawaii.

We spent a lot of time at the resort pool. It was really nice and never to busy. Except the last day when a big group of Narcotic recovery people came for a conference at our resort...that was an interesting crowd.

Beating the waves on the north shore. We didn't even go in the water, that's how afraid of the waves we were.


So, I cut my hair short for the first time ever. I love it! Preston hates it. Sure you can't see all my beautiful ( I call them tangles and frizz) curls but I like maintenance free mom hair. That means no scraggly hair in my face while I'm bending over a poopy kids poopy bum. We'll see how long I keep it around. I find it hard not to want to have a hair cut my hubby likes...isn't that sad?
My new hair


Here are our exchange students, Hiromi and Satomi and Kayla all ready for a party.

Lets see, it's been 3 months since August actually happened so this'll be tough. We did have a couple more exchange students. They were so much harder than the other ones becuase they were 11 yr. old girls and spoke zero english. So, I would tell them something, they would nod their heads and then do the exact opposite. They loved my kids and were very friendly, but I was happy to see them go. Preston and I took a very short trip to Ontario for 2 days to check out some houses. At that point we were thinking of moving to Ontario becuase housing was much cheaper out there and we thought we could live mortgage free and have less financial strain. However, Calgarys market wouldn't allow us to sell our house and we took it off the market the next month. It seems we are going to stick around a while and just learn to budget. We also started trying for baby number 3 this month...we are still not pregnant. I think we took for granted that the first 2 were conceived so quickly and we haven't been trying hard enough this time around:)
We took a trip to Edmonton at the end of the month and had a blast. We stayed at the Fantasy Land Hotel in The West Ed. mall. Fun, but we spent WAY too much money becuase we were in the mall. We went on rides, bought late night icecream...all things we wouldn't have done if we were in a normal hotel NOT attached to a mall.
That was August.