Saturday, June 30, 2007

SLacker...thats me

It's been two weeks since my last post. I thought I was better than this! Anyways, as some of you already know, we are moving. Our house is up for sale right now. If everything goes as planned wea re moving to....Brantford, ON. We can live there mortgage free and have room to make some other real estate investments, which Preston has been itching to do. His idea to move, not mine. This is not 100% though so don't go telling everyone I am moving ot Ontario. We need to sell our house and the market is full of houses like ours. Like I said, as long as everything goes right, we will be movin gto Ontario.
As far as the rest of our lives, it's just playing and cleaning. We get our sxchange students on Monday so we are planning for that right now. It's going to be a busy month!
I think thats it.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Preschool Graduation

Yes, there is such a thing. Clayton graduated from pre-school today with a certificate and a lot of new songs under his belt. He was pretty happy about it. It was short and sweet. He will go again next year to the same place, even though there are some closer to us now. He really likes his teacher and so do I.
We are developing our bsement right now too for our students in July. It's going pretty smoothly and pretty cheaply...which I appreicate. We aren't going to fully develop it right now. Just the bedrooms. My neighbour is chinese and she just brought me over some chinese pie (although I'm sure that's not what they call it) It was super yummy...and it had tofu and shrimp in it...two things I realy avoid but all chopped up it was wonderful. I'm going to get her to eacdh me how to make the dough so I can make my own version and make you all try it. It was delish.
My biggest trial this week will be Claytons attitude. He gets mad when I ask him to come inside or away from something he is enjoying and yells "You're not nice to me" or "I don't like you" A few times now I've even gotten the 'H' word (I hate you) The first time my response was to tell him how nice I really am and that not all mommies take their kids to the zoo, park, swimming, Let's Play and McDonalds, but I felt like I was trying to convince him and myself that I am a good mom, and it didn't feel too good, so now he just gets crap for it. I need to learn not to let my 3 year old talk back to me! I don't have to take it! I'm the mommy! I need to toughen up. Tell me your mean mommy stories....

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hair Cut

So I cut Kaylas hair today. I thought it would be pretty easy to cut straight across, but when you are cutting that short, it's not so easy to make it straight with the under layers and all. I actually like her with longer hair but It was really hard to keep it nice when it was long. Especially with these hot summer days. It just ends up all scraggly and dirty so I chopped it on a whim. Preston liked her little pony tails but we'll get over it.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Beach

This week the weather has been beautiful so we have done so many outdoor activities. We went to the zoo one day with Kamille and Kyndal and Elliette and had a great time with the animals. LIke it said, it was beautiful so we had a picnic near the butterfly sanctuary while the kids followed the peacocks. The following two days we went to two different beaches. CHaparral and Auburn bay. The kids love the water. I am lucky though that they aren't afraid of it, nore are they too brave. They are pretty easy to watch. SAturday was so darn hot I didn't want to be outside. Now, when I say it was hot, it was 29 degrees. I know half of you are laughing but I hate the heat and the direct sunlight. Preston would love to move to Arizona some day but if I can't bear 29 degrees of hot sun, I would die on Arizona. So, SAturday afternoon we attempted to stay inside. With our new street there are kids riding bikes all the time and everytime Clayton sees one he wants to go outside too...whic is all the time. We sould have gotten a house with smaller windows:) I also scored garage saling at the Chaparral community sale. I got a free queen size bed (which we need for our Taiwanese exchange students in July) and chairs for the kids, and bikes and a kids size vacuum that works, and so much more. We even got a futon that exactly matches the one we have right now! I've been bugging Preston for a livingroom set becuase all we have is the futon in the livingroom..but he kees saying no. So when I found a matching futon for $30.00 he agreed. I'm surprisingly happy with 2 futons in my livingroom. CHaparral is great for garage sales. Not so much garbage like some places.