Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well, we've gotten through all our appointments. Kayla had 4 cavities filled and was braver than me in that dentist chair. We've ordered our kitchen cabinets and set a date to have the carpet installed. It is nice to see some big progress on the house.
I had Claytons post-assessment meeting and they don't see a problem with him. Which means I get to go back to the school and say 'whats your problem?'
So, things are getting under way. We leave for Calgary tomorrow which is very exicitng. My dad thinks I am crazy for flying with 3 young kids alone. I think Adeline could cause me some grief, but the other two should be a breeze. I'm being optimistic. I'm very excited to have a nice break in Calgary where we are not dealing with renos or school or anything. I got Adeline a Bumbo yesterday. I had my other two before the Bumbo fad so this is my first experience with it. She enjoys it enough so I think it was worth it. I also gave her a little cereal yesterday. I know, she's too young but she was grumpy and it shut her up for a while:)
I have a horrible cough right now that is keeping me up at night so I am sooo tired. Maybe that is why this post is starting to sound lame.

Monday, December 1, 2008


This is my week of appointments. Today I am going to the dentist to get a cleaning. I have 4 cavities that they will be fixing this month. Better than Prestons 7 and Kaylas 4. Luckly, Clayton has none. He would have a fit if he had to get them filled. Kayla got two filled already and was a superstar during the whole thing. Yay for benefits. We've spent $3000 at the dentist this past month already...making up for when we didn't have benefits.
ALso, a guy is in our upstairs measuring for carpet right now. We are going to new carpet installed while we are in Calgary. We have Clayons appointment this week for his testing or whatever. As I ay attention to him more, I do see some small things like how eashe gets distracted when I ask him to do something. I have to ask him to put his shoes on 4 times becuase he will stop along the way to the front hall and pick something up r start talking or something. And he does have a lot of energy, maybe too much. I'm probably makg things up now so I feel like I'm not oblivious to my sons 'problems'. Also I have the parent teacher interview Friday, which I am excited about. I want to finally have a good talk with his teacher. We are also getting cabinets mesurements on Friday and they will start making our cabinets for the kitchen. I find this reno thing exciting, but also tiring. I will be glad when it is done. Right now the kitchen table is on the living room:)
Adeline is growing well. She is such an excellent sleeper. I can't rub it i enough because she is the first good sleeper I have had. 11 hours straight, each and every night. I am so lucky. She's not perfect. She's got a temper and expresses it dring the day but who cares when you are getting enough sleep:)
Kayla had a dance recital this weekend. It was very cute to watch them do their jazz number. Clayton spends his weekends helping do the reno. Hloves to be part of it all with the boys. It's hard to convince him that there is only so much a5 yr old can do. I am in a production called a night in Bethlehem with the church. I am a guide and had to practice this weekend. I get to guide people from Jerusalem to Bethlehem on the night of the Saviours birth. I have many lines to learn. She said I can ad lib but that is not a strength of mine. I am better at knowing my lines reallywell first. Preston works and watchs 24. He doesn't have much going on except the reno. We areboth really excited to the break that our trip to Calgary will hopefully be.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tough Day

Well, I've had better days. Today I have to stop breastfeeding and I am dissapointed. I know there are some brightsides to it,but I know I will miss this time with Adeline. I had to start a new medication yesterday to help curb my anxiety. Yes, I am a worrier and with the move, the baby, the renovation the sale of the house and the zero money until the house changes hands(like ZERO - not even available credit - ZERO!!!)and now this thing with Clayton at school and trying to mak changes to our day to day life, I guess I'm not handling it well. Well, I think I handle stress fine. I don't really know what stress is suppose to feel like, but I guess mybody does and it says TOO MUCH!! It tells me by making it hard for me to swallow, a lost appetite and a constant reminder that something is wrong...so the pills. They are a hard transition too becuase they take som getting used to. So, after talking with my doctor, we decided that Adleine has gotten some good boob food and it's better for her to go onformula. It's hard not to feel like a failure or that I will be judged for making this decision but with everything going on, I think it will be better. I'm looking at the positive side. Preston will be happy becuase I can go on the pill again. He wont be happy though because he will realise I can more easily leave the baby with him and ask him to feed her. With the many many things going on right now, passing her to Preston will free me up to do those things, like bringing more routines and structure to our home.
I have a meeting with Clayton at the hospital on Dec 4th and they will just go through our peronal history and stuff. I honstly think they will find nothing significantly wrong with him and they will just tell us a few things that we can be doing at home to help him more at school. I do not see a troubled child. However, now that they have identified him at school, I am afraid of him getting labeled. My dad is a teacher and he had a few strong opinions about it and his fear of Clayton getting labeled. Well, I go to Claytons school today at 2:30 to see him. ALl the parents get a 15 minute observation so hopefully I will see the behaviour she is talking about. Anyways. Next post will be happy:)

Saturday, November 8, 2008


So this house is soooo ugly (this post isn't helping my resolve to stop whining in my blog) nd we are planning on doing many renovations. We tiled the bathroom last weekend and this weekend, we are installing the toilet and sink, with the help of a plumber, and tiling the landry room. It's hard to picture this ugly house, so I took some pictures. You can see I tried to paint the kitchen cablinets, and then we just decided we are going to gut it and smash out the wall to the silly little room beside it and make it a little bigger. Along the back of this house, there are 3 rooms. nd they are all tiny so we will have to smash out some walls somewhere. Today our 'guy' will tell us which one isn't load bearing. This room is the dumbest. It is tiny with a fireplace and a huge set of doors. I lady with the same model house says it is suppose to be the family room. It fits a love seat. Thats really it. So we are going to make it our nook and have it open to the kitchen.

As you can see, I did no cleaning for these photos.
Then there is the livingroom. So long and silly, I don't know what to do with this room. Prestons tv will have to go in the basement. It is too big for the room.

I'll have to post more later, but these are he rooms that hurt methe most. I am not a good at design, so I'm nervous about making the wrong decision. Hopefully, but February, I can post beautiful pics of our new home.

People read my blog?

I was under the impression no one read my blog but I've had 2 new commenters the last few days! Which means, I have to stop whining so much:) So, here is a picture of my beautiful children. They were incredibly loud and mean to eachother yesterday, but look how cte they are when they smile?

Friday, November 7, 2008


So, the human race is suppose to be the most intelligent, right? Thn why are we so stupid and lazy? I wonder why we make fun or scoff at smokers and then go have a Big Mac. You might not, but I do, and I think a lot of other people do to. Poor diet is just as unhealthy as smoking. We do a lot of other dumb things like not exercising even though it is PROVEN to do our bodies good. Or we don't drink enough water because we don't like the taste. It just makes me wonder how smart we really are if we do such harm to our bodies. The crappy thing is I don't want to change. I still want to eat fatty foods...they are YUMMY!! I guess I'll change with my first heart attack. That is something e humans also do is wait for tragity to say I'll be better. We had an experience with CLayton this week, his teacher told us he was going to go for testing because he is loud during quiet time and likes the toys to be put in the spot they belong (huh?) Anyways, for years I've been telling Preston we need more structure in our home. WHere are they going to learn it? We need to all eat at the table at dinner and not leave t until we are done. We need to read our scriptures and make the kids listen. Well, I've been ignored for years and NOW that we've been presented with a problem, he pipes up and says we need to have the tv off more. HELLO...COMMON SENSE??!!
ANyways..dumb humans. When will we learn.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nursing issues

Adeline is a great baby. She sleeps well and smiles a lot. She isn't fussy in the evenings anymore but she still likes to be held a bit. However, overthe past few weeks I've been unhappy with her eating habits. It started with her pulling off or not staying on very well for the first few minutes. I thought maybe she developed a bad latch. Anyways, I would spray milk everywhere when she pulled/fell off. Now, over the past several days. She will sck for 10 seconds and pull off and yell at me. The other day, she hadn't eaten in 41/2 hours so I knew she was hungry but she did the same thing. She wasn't overly grumpy though so it made me question whether she was even hungry but it had ben over 4 hours. She should have been. I had to get Kayla from school so I didn't have a lot of time to waste. She was getting a litle grumy so I threw some formula into a bottle and she sucked 2 ounces back quick. That made me realize she has a problem with me. SO, now I have to figure it out. Huh.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


There,I finally put a picture on of Adeline. See her perfect head? I love that it is cute and round. I stare at her all the time. I thought I'd have gotten over it by now...but I haven't. I am so greatful to her for being a good sleeper. Im thinking back to Clayton who woke every 2 hours, and then struggled to go back to sleep and I would cry and even want to throw him out the window. This girl sleeps 8 hours every night before waking and is getting happier in the day time everyday. Easy baby and I am greatful as my other two are a handful right now. They don't keep me busy all the time, but when I ask them to do something I get ignored. Well, Clayton is best at ignoring, which I prefer to Kaylas refusal. I never wanted to be a nag, but they make me one. Part of it is my fault. I need to make sure they are listening before I talk. Tv off. I guess then if they don't jump up and respond, they go to their room? I am not confident in y discipline techniques,I either need to change it, or not feel so bad when I send them to their room for not getting ontop of their chores. Uggghhhh.
Anywas, Our House in Calgary is c/s. It c/s in less that 24 hours. We priced it real agressively. Our realtor told us 75 houses were on the market last month in Chaparral and only 4 sold....very sad. However, we will still make money on the house so it was o.k. to price it so low. I;m crossing my fingers that everything goes through. We are starting to get going on this house. I'm trying to get painting done as often as I can, Preston has started to pull up the floor in the bathroom and laundry so we can lay tile. He is going to try it on his own...he's never done tile before. The kitchen re-design will be the hardest and most expensive. It's kind of exciting becuase we've never done a reno before and we want to do it and make money on it if we sell in the spring. I think I'll take pictures,before and after. Hmmm...I'm gonna do it now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

6 weeks

Wow, we are at 6 weeks. Adeline had her chedck up today and she has gained about 2lbs since birth making her 9lbs1oz. She is healthy and a good sleeper and I couldn't ask for much more. I remember only 3 weeks ago I was thinking how nice it will be whe she is 2, and less work. Right now it is round the clock and I have no time for myself. I've discovered over the past week that I really do like the baby stage. I want to look at her all the time becuase she is just sooooo cute. And she's only gonna get big and smelly like the other two:) People are always telling me how small she is and it kinda drives me nuts. I don't know why. She does look small, mostly becyase she has a small head(which runs in my hubbys family) and it makes her look small. But also, I need to realize that people aren't used to seeing month old babies everyday and ofccourse they think she looks small. I know though that she is gaining well so for now I will just smile when they say it. I am o.k. too. Unfortunately, I am not completely healed so Preston is going to be disappointed tonight:) I'm excited to start exercising. I am 8 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight, not that it is a target for me because I wasn't exactly in shape before I got pregnant. I'd like to loose a little but then gain some muscle. I've never been good at working out but I was so miserable being fat and pregnant this time that I think I might be more determined.
I went to Bulk Barn last week and bought a whole pile of different grains and I'm excpted to use them in recipes. I realize that it is easy to make healthy some diskes we eat regularly This week I worked with wild rice and added them to meatballs and taco meat. I'm going to make some couscous stuffed peppers and some chicken millet patties. I also cooked up some Quinoa, maybe I'll dump it into meatloaf or some thanksgiving stuffing. So many ideas and so healthy. I bought some purple sweeties (potatoes) too and they were very healty and sweeter and yummier than sweet potatoes(I don't like sweet potatoes. Unfortunately, I still crave sugar, but atleast I'm making my meals healthier so it makes the sugar a little more o.k. to eat.
Well, Kayla is just wraping up her jazz class. SHe likes to dance and has lots of energy and these classes are doing her well. Clayton still enjoys Happy Hoops (basketball) and looks forward to getting better everytime. He says he wants to be like daddy and play basketball. I honestly think he will end up exceling at an independant sport like karate, which he also likes, but we will just have to see where his interests go.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby Story

So, yes I had my baby. Adeline May Wigg was born Aug. 27 at 9:31pm. That day I went shopping becuase we had just gotten possession of our new house in Kitchener. My dad took the kids to McDonalds because this was something I really needed to get done. I was overdue and was moving into a new house so anything that I could get done before baby was best. I brought thr groceries in, my dad came back with the kids and while I was standing in the doorway, my water broke. My water had never broken before labour before so I was alittle nervous. I guess because Kayla came so quickly after my water broke I was afraid I would launch into labour or something. ANyways, I calmed down and called Preston and told him to start driving home. He works in Mississauga and has an hour drive. Luckly, my dad was here so he drove me to the hospital. Of course, since we were at the new house, I did not have a change of clothes or even a towel so I just got to walk in soaking wet while he parked the car and brought the kids in. My mom met us at the hospital too with my hospital bag and he and my dad switched the kids so she could take them home. They checked me and I was only 3 or 4 cm and my contractions were about 8 min apart and not strong at all. So, I was not in labour. They got me a room though and when Preston got there we just kinda hung out for a few hours. Labour still hadn't started at 6pm (4 hours after my water broke) and we started talking about inducing, which I really hated the idea of so we said lets wait an hour. Luckily, in an hour, labour started. I laboured for about 1.5 hours, spent part of it in the shower this time, and when I got to 7 or 8 cm she was still very posterior(way up there) so I thought this could suck, or require a lot of pushing. Luckly, it didn't and 15 minutes later she squirmed her way down and I was ready to push. The first push, I felt her crown. Yes, I actually felt the 'ring of fire' this time. The second push her head was out. Third push and she was here. The said I'm a good pusher. REally, I don't know how you can't be when you don't have any drugs and you have al that pain. You just want to get rid of it. It probably helps that she has a nice small head and was 7lbs 2 oz. I got 3 stitches and she was awake ALL NIGHT LONG. Now, she is 2 weeks old and stubborn as heck when it i time to go to bed at night. I'll have to put pics up later:)

Friday, August 15, 2008


Well, finally all the mortgage stuff has gone through. We can sign the documents tomorrow hopefully and then it moves onto the lawyers. We are hoping for an Aug. 22nd closing but there is a possibility that they wont be able to get it done that quickly. We really are pushing them. I feel like I am on the phone all day. Real estate agent, mortgage broker, lawyer. Wehn I'm done with them, then it is the utility companies. I am getting so tired and overwhelmed. I guess phone work isn't that hard, and we aren't rushed to move in so I don't have too much work to do except talk on the phone all day.
But it still stinks. Preston is working 12 hour days right now and Saturdays so he is barely around either. It is just crazy busy and I'm ready for it to be all over. It's nice that this baby is still inside but it may be helpful for Preston to have a reason to have a couple days off...and I'd rather have her out of me.
Anyways, we are just doing our thing. The kids are in swimming lessons right now and loving it. I think it will put Clayton in Karate and Kayla in dance for September. Thats if we can afford it. I'm a little worried about carrying 2 houses even though 1 is being covered by renters. So much going on. Ugh.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I want a tv

I would rather be rlaxing and watching tv right now but Preston is in one room watching football, and my mom is in the other room and I just don't feel like socializing right now. So I'm here, doing some one way socializing:) I don't think I could get any more impatient and grumpy for this baby to come out. I am sooo not ready for her, but I still want her out. I'm tired of not being able to breathe when I lie down because there is just no room left in there for air. I also HATE all the kicks in the gut, especially near the top/ribs...so uncomfortable. I have to groan everytime I bend down and let air out so I can actually bend. Right now, I feel like I have to pee again, as she is kicking me in the bladder, again. Yup, this can be done.
Anyways, we did buy a house. It is on the west side of Kitchener. I am exicted now, but I had really wanted to stay where we were becuase I hate too much change and Clayton liked his school. I know I am worrying for nothing becuase he will adjust fine. I just have to drive Kayla to pre-school Tues/Thurs. and it wont be close anymore. It was a great deal as the house had been on the market for 90 days and it is a fixer-upper. The lady was getting impatient(we were told after) so she took our crummy offer...which is great for us! Really, it just needs a lot of paint and a new roof. Most of it is just cosmetic so thats great. It is worth atleast $60,000. more than we paid for it and we are really hoping that it does pay off in the end. This is just a temp. home for us (temp could potentially be 2-3 years)atleast that is how we see it. A lot of our things are still in Calgary so we went garage saling today to get some cheap dishes and stuff. Got a pretty good haul:)
Anyways, still getting kicked and now my back is sore from trying to sit up straight so I'm gonna go walk around the house. I'm just a bundle of joy, aren't I?

Friday, August 1, 2008

HOuse Hunting

o.k., suddenly on Tuesday we decided to start looking for a house. We realized we can't live here anymore. Too many different agendas. Last night we put in an offer on a house. We lowballed, but not too much so we will see if they even consider it. I am sooo impatient. The owners are camping and didn't check in with their realtor last night, which stinks. We have another property in mind that I like the location better It is really close to where we are right now and I can still walk to EVERYTHING so if this one we bidded on doesn't work out, we will bid on that one. I hope one of them works out becuase I find this whole process soooooo stressful and since we have decided to move out of my moms place, I have been so excited to just MOVE! Slept poorly last night and now I just sit and wait......(to hear from my realtor)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mrs. Negative

I feel like I've been saying a lot of negative things lately. Well, it's not gonna change! I'm kidding, but I have been kinda down in the dumps. I can't tell if it is pregnancy or my living situation but my patients is thin, if even there. I'm not even smiley and polite to cashiers anymore. I am very blunt, and pretty snarky to my family. And if you are a telemarketer or a door to door salesman...watch out. I will tell you how I feel about your product! This is me, and I don't see it changing by tomorrow. Some people like pregnancy, but I don't...and I think it is getting to me. I'm quite sure this is the last. And I can't believe I am doing it in my family's house. It's crowded, smelly, and I have to compete to be the top snarky brat. It's too much. But Tuesday we are in the apartment, so a little more privacy. I'm curious to see how gross the kitchen gets when I'm not in it anymore. I'm better than yesterday. I was reading a book off and on, and I think it was getting to me. It's about a girl whos goal is to be better than her rich 'I don't need to do anything - everything gets given to me' friend. She stalks her and even has a baby just to ahve something first(and then she pays no attention to her child. I though I was enjoying the book, but I was so depressed at the end of the day, I decided I wouldn't read it at all today and I feel much better. So, I will toss it. Well, my happy blog. Just wanted to let anyone know that if I say something rude, it can't be helped. It's a part of me for now....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

SAHM money making schemes

Every stay at home mom would would love to find a way to bring a small income in from home. That is why I am suckered into buying a thousand useless items from Pampered Chef, candle parties, scrabooking stuffs from friends. (I'm not complaining really, I find those parties a great opportunity to get together and chat and take a load off) Well, my husband wants me to find a way to make money from home. I've found a couple ways to start out, but I find I am embarassed to talk about it because these are not new ideas. SAHMs have been trying to make money selling crummy little homemade items for years. What makes me think I will be successful. Well, my first thought was Ebay. I could give it a try and it would cost me no money. Preston has acquired some electrical items that are worth money and I have some kitchen items. So far, going great. We sold our first item and I'm shipping it out today. My concern is that we sold it for $50 plus shipping (we will make a little on the shipping too) which is fine becuase the item cost us no money, but it is still way under it's market value. How do people keep acquiring stuff for so cheap that they can afford to sell it on Ebay. I'd have to get free stuff all the time! I can see what fuels theft with things like Ebay around.
Anyways, I don't see this lasting. So, my next idea is teacher gifts and other small treats. Yah, original, I know. But I got some awesome ideas from Jen Sellars (in my ward) and we are going to do it together. I've started making samples and we will take pics and make a pamphlet and maybe from there just start advertising locally, taking sample gift baskets to corporations and going from there. Unfortunately there is a small start up cost becuase you have to buy the cutel little cello bags(so many different shapes and sizes) and ribbon and the expensive Callebaut chocolate. We'll make chocolate covered marshmellows, licorice and pretzels...and wrapping is everything. Jen does this sooo much and she is very good at it. I'm willing and not afriad to market so hopefully we will make a good team. and if it doesn't work, we ddin't put too much money into it, we've got presents for the people we visit teach for months and some yummy treats to eat ourselves! Anyways, that has consumed my last several days. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Buttermilk Cornbread

So I had a request for the buttermilk cornbread recipe. It is a simple cornbread recipe, nothing special, but it's nice to find a good standard recipe which I feel this one is. I've made it twice in the past 2 days and it keeps getting eaten so it must be good. Next, I am going to progress to the mexican cornbread, which I've had before and love, but have never tried. You put chilis and corn in it or something. If you have a recipe, let me know.

1/4 lb butter - this is the dumbest measurement ever. I like cups or ml. but pounds? I think it is about 1/2 cup but you may actually know.
Anyways, melt it in a pot and stir in
2/3 C sugar
2 eggs
1 C buttermilk (combined with 1/2 tsp bk soda)
1 C flour
1/2 tsp salt

pour into pan 8x8 or 9x9 and bake 30 minutes(ish)at 375.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Fried chicken

I made fried check for the first time last night. It was actually pretty good. When I say 'fried chicken' I mean a pot full of oil and the the chicken fried in it. I would do it again. I didn't like the flour rolled ones as much, but I just sprinkled a lot of pepper, salt, garilc and even cayenne on the chicken and put it in the oil for 10-15 minutes. Dark meat. Quite good. Try it. Now that the kitchen is cleaner, I will try more recipes. I also made buttermilk cornbread. It was a good recipe too. If you want them let me know. I've made cornbread that is really gritty...this one was good!

Don't ask about the future!

Yes we are still at my moms house. We have nooooo idea what we are doing. Our plan originally was to be here so that when everyone moves out, we will buy the house and renovate and make it our own. Why? It is the perfect house in the perfect location. I think I've already explained before how we can walk everywhere as it is all 2 minutes away. and it is on a very safe, quiet cul de sac so they can run out on the road with minimal chances of harm. (What I hate about our current lcation in Calgary is all the kids play on the road, but it is a 2 way street and cars are always coming one way or the other...not half as safe) I'm sure we could find a comparable property somewhere in the city but it would defeat our other purpose....saving money. This house is rundown and would potentially be cheap to buy off my nana. Another house in a location like this would be $400,000 which is not bad to you Albertans but expensive here, and we want the smallest mortgage possible. So, we are really torn right now. My nana wont talk about it so we don't even know what to expect in the future so we could be sitting here for...well, we don't know. So, there is a house on the market a block away (it is hard to find houses for sale in this area)that I am going to look at today. it is $279,000. with 4 bedrooms and it is right across the street from the school. Busier street, yes but with all the same amenities close by. I don't know. For now, we spent the whole weekend cleaning. We emptied the cupboards and scoured them....I wish we would have taken a before pic, you would have been grossed out. And we re-arranged the living room and in the process we able to get a lot of cobwebs and dustbunnies. So, atleast I feel a little better about living here. We had a home inspection done and she knows there are some leaks in the house in the basement becuase it smells like mould, and we get a fair bit of bugs because the windows are 50 yrs old and have breaches. One thing at a time. For now, the fam. enjoys the pool. SO we have that going for us.

Swimming Everyday

My family (minus me) has been swimming everyday. It's funny because I never pegged Preston as much of a swimmer, but his problem, I have discovered, is we've never had a pool in our backyard. So, he is just too lazy to pack up and go to the beach or go to some pool. But, when it is sitting in the backyard and you can just pull your pants down and and jump right in, he'll go 3 times a day. It is great because the kids usually go with him and having them in the pool that often is really building their confidence. Clayton can tough in the shallow end so he often goes in now without a life jacket and attempts to swim. he can paddle and keep is feet of the ground now for 5-10 seconds so it really is good for him. Kayla still can't reach but she enjoys paddling around in her life jacket. Both are much more comfortable putting their heads underwater too. They are in lessons right now but I figure by the end of the summer I can relax a little more while they are in the pool because they will be little swimmers!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Rain rain

This is what I miss about the east, the nice warm rain storms. I was only here 6 weeks and my kids finally got to play in one. I spent 8 years in Calgary and they don't come. The problem with Calgary si when it rains, there is usually a cold front so it a cold gloomy rain. Most of the summer rains in Ontario are accompanied by hot humid 30degree weather. It was right before dinner, but I was still happy to let them run outside. They then had dinner in their underwear.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I took a stand

SO, I was outside with my kids watching the garbage truck and as it came around to ourhouse, I could see the guy doing the picking up was talking on the phone. He was swinging the garbage into the truck with one hand. He came to our house and we had one bag of garbage that was a little heavier than the others and he picked it up, I guess he couldn't manage it while he was chatting on the phone so he threw it back on the curb and got back on the truck. I was standing 10 feet away from him. He didn't look at me, just kept talking on the phone and went on. So, I went into the house and called the city to confirm the weight limit. Then Jordan(my brother) and I took a scale outside to weigh it. We were completely within the limit, if only by 5 pounds. So I threw the bag into the truck and tried to chase down the garbage truck. By then I couldn't find it. So I called the city again and asked for a driver route. O.K. , just so you know, this is usually where i give up and sit at home and fume. But, my kids had been ROTTEN this morning and I was ready for a fight. Well, the drivers don't have routes...or some dumb explanation like that so I asked her what I was suppose to do with this incredibly smelly bag of garbage. She gave me the address OUTSIDE THE CITY that I can drop it off to. At which point I said "I'd like to file a formal complaint" Well, I don't know if I got anywhere, but I was proud that I actually stood up and did something. Today, I will be taking the bag over to my grandpas to get picked up. It's his garbage day.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Read the Label

My little rant. My kids love Nutella, which I think is pretty good and I even let Clayton have it for breakfast a few mornings. The first ingredient is Hazelnuts(followed by sugar of course) so I'm just glad it is semi-healthy and he thinks he is having chocolate for breakfast.
Anyways, today i was at Zellars and I decided I would try a different brand becuase it was cheaper and the bottle was bigger. Good deal.
I don't know why but I didn't read it and when I tasted it, it was very sugary. Sugar is the first ingredient and hazelnuts is number 8! Which means I am just feeding him a jar of sugared crap. Yes, I tend to rush when I am shopping and my kids were running all over the store so i wasn't very relaxed. But, it makde me realize sometimes that few extra dollars is worth it, and there is often a reason for it.
Besides that, I have been sweating like a pig in Ontario. I don't like the heat in the first place. Add the humidity and I am miserable. I don't have maternity clothes that are suited for this kind of weather, so even in my capris, I walk around all day feeling like I wet my pants. SO, I bought a flowy dress. I will still ahve to put a t-shirt under it, but atleast I will have a little bit better air circulation:)
I almost bought a classic moo moo. It looked sooo comfortable, but, as comfortable as I am in almost any piece of clothing(most of you have seen some horrendous outfits on my frame)these were just horrible. I couldn't pull it off on my best day. I still want one, but I can't figure out a way to not look 60 and have everyone stare at my. I guess I'll just suffer in the heat...not silently either:)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Garage Sale

So, I have a friend (Hi Deb) who invited me over to pick through her little girl clothes as she is having her last baby....a boy. I came home with an over stuffed bag of what I am thinking is $1000.00 worth of clothing and footwear. and it is all wonderful condition and great quality. I totally scored! However, I opened my big mouth and said she should sell her clothes becuase she would make a fortune. So, we are organizing a garage sale. Yesterday I made cute little cards to invite the rest of my street to participate so we can have a big sale. Kayla and I delivered them in the grossly humid heat and then I came home and made little cards specifically to hand out to people I know that will need little girl clothes. Then I went over to Deb's last night to help her organize the clothes for sale. Holy crap does she have a lot. I'm guessing she will make $500.00 or more but I don't want to get too confident. I think we labeled them all well. T-shirts $1.00, Brandname 'special' t-shirt are $3. Childrens place jeans are $5. and she's got piles of those. Dresses are all priced individually $2-$8. Either way I am excited and I hope it turns out. I will advertise on line and make bold signs to put at the end of some streets. I haven't heard back from anyone on the street yet...I'm trying not to get nervous about that.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Grumpy Grumpy

I've found I've been extra grumpy lately. I'd like to blameit on pregnancy but I think it is the whole combintion of things. We're living at my moms with other people who make their own messes and live their own lives and it is starting to drive me nuts! I think Preston has a hard time understanding becuase he is at work all day and just chills here in the evening. I have to function...I'm used to having my own house and cleaning up after my own family, and now I have to worry about 4 single adults. It is very different. Besides that, prenancy is getting less convenient. I seem to have a lot of veins that are sticking out this time around and I don't like it! My legs get sore and everything gets tired. I don't like not bei able to function at full capacity and I get grumpy when I can't get things done. Of course, I have been trying to do some interesting things like building gardens mowing the lawn and building brick walls:)
Thats really all I have to complain about, I just find I've been loosing my temper easily and I get really annoyed by people. I hope it passes. I don't like being aggitated all the time.
Lets look for the positive...Clayton loves school, Kayla is adorable and I enjoy playing Go Fish with her everyday. She mixes up the 6 and 9 sometimes but it is so cute playing with her.
Well, I just wanted to babble while I had the time. Maybe I'll make more sense of this post later.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

here's some pics from Ontario

My mom does cottoncandy and popcorn for public events. It's a major perk of living with Nana:)

Kayla loves her Salvation Army finds.

1st day of JK. We loves school and I love that he brings a new book home everynight that we read together. he is becoming such a good reader.

This is my brother Jordan playing MarioKart with Clayton. There are alot of video games played at this house.


Yes, I suck at blogging. I guess I figure no one is going to look at it now that facebook is around. Anyways, we have made some big changes, or are trying to atleast. Since my last blog, we have gotten pregnant. I keep wondering why. It's silly. Sometimes you're like 'yay baby' like I was with my first two, and this time I'm like 'ehhh, baby, o.k.' I know I will love it as much as the other two when it comes, for now I'm just kinda wierd about it. As far as we know, it is a girl and we are naming her Adeline. I always have problem-free pregnancies (besides the sugar cravings and the small bouts of crying) but this time I have vericose veins and I'm afraid they will stay. I got medical stockings but i really hate them and they aren't really painful. However, I can feel the blood rushing to the one leg when I get up in the morning.

So, besides baby, we are in Ontario right now attemping to live out here. We just decided that unless there is a really good reason to be in Calgary, it's kind of an undesirable place to be. We loved the friends and family we have there but it is so big and busy and expensive and it was really feeling like a rat race. Partially our fault because we got a little caught up in it too. So, we are trying to sell our house and simplify. We don't need a big, beautiful new house in a brand new area that we are paying too much for. I was always overwhelmed by our mortgage. Anyways, if we can get it sold, we will be in a modest home with a tiny mortgage and no car payments or anything, which I think is much simplified. There is something to be said about the feeling of being free of debt rather that being riddled with it. We are staying at my moms house right now and I LOVE it. Not so much the part where I am living with my brothers and sisters, but the house and the area. We walk to school, mall, community centre, park and live on a quiet, safe culdesac. More worry free living! We would love to buy out this house and it looks like we may have the opportunity in a year or two. For now, we are going to move into the back part of the house (it has a granny suite) and see where life takes us. We have actually just considered renting out our house in Calgary becuase the market is so tough right now we are afraid it may not sell. So many things to think about.
Anyways, since we've been here, Clayton has started JK (they have Junior Kindergarten everday out here in the school system) and they are both in Gymnastics and a craft class. When you're not in your own place, it's nice to keep a little busy outside the house:)
We've all been getting along really well, whcih I am surprised about becuase Preston always feared his ability to get along with my mom but he hasn't said a thing and is pretty happy. So, we will see what the future brings...