Tuesday, October 21, 2008


There,I finally put a picture on of Adeline. See her perfect head? I love that it is cute and round. I stare at her all the time. I thought I'd have gotten over it by now...but I haven't. I am so greatful to her for being a good sleeper. Im thinking back to Clayton who woke every 2 hours, and then struggled to go back to sleep and I would cry and even want to throw him out the window. This girl sleeps 8 hours every night before waking and is getting happier in the day time everyday. Easy baby and I am greatful as my other two are a handful right now. They don't keep me busy all the time, but when I ask them to do something I get ignored. Well, Clayton is best at ignoring, which I prefer to Kaylas refusal. I never wanted to be a nag, but they make me one. Part of it is my fault. I need to make sure they are listening before I talk. Tv off. I guess then if they don't jump up and respond, they go to their room? I am not confident in y discipline techniques,I either need to change it, or not feel so bad when I send them to their room for not getting ontop of their chores. Uggghhhh.
Anywas, Our House in Calgary is c/s. It c/s in less that 24 hours. We priced it real agressively. Our realtor told us 75 houses were on the market last month in Chaparral and only 4 sold....very sad. However, we will still make money on the house so it was o.k. to price it so low. I;m crossing my fingers that everything goes through. We are starting to get going on this house. I'm trying to get painting done as often as I can, Preston has started to pull up the floor in the bathroom and laundry so we can lay tile. He is going to try it on his own...he's never done tile before. The kitchen re-design will be the hardest and most expensive. It's kind of exciting becuase we've never done a reno before and we want to do it and make money on it if we sell in the spring. I think I'll take pictures,before and after. Hmmm...I'm gonna do it now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

6 weeks

Wow, we are at 6 weeks. Adeline had her chedck up today and she has gained about 2lbs since birth making her 9lbs1oz. She is healthy and a good sleeper and I couldn't ask for much more. I remember only 3 weeks ago I was thinking how nice it will be whe she is 2, and less work. Right now it is round the clock and I have no time for myself. I've discovered over the past week that I really do like the baby stage. I want to look at her all the time becuase she is just sooooo cute. And she's only gonna get big and smelly like the other two:) People are always telling me how small she is and it kinda drives me nuts. I don't know why. She does look small, mostly becyase she has a small head(which runs in my hubbys family) and it makes her look small. But also, I need to realize that people aren't used to seeing month old babies everyday and ofccourse they think she looks small. I know though that she is gaining well so for now I will just smile when they say it. I am o.k. too. Unfortunately, I am not completely healed so Preston is going to be disappointed tonight:) I'm excited to start exercising. I am 8 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight, not that it is a target for me because I wasn't exactly in shape before I got pregnant. I'd like to loose a little but then gain some muscle. I've never been good at working out but I was so miserable being fat and pregnant this time that I think I might be more determined.
I went to Bulk Barn last week and bought a whole pile of different grains and I'm excpted to use them in recipes. I realize that it is easy to make healthy some diskes we eat regularly This week I worked with wild rice and added them to meatballs and taco meat. I'm going to make some couscous stuffed peppers and some chicken millet patties. I also cooked up some Quinoa, maybe I'll dump it into meatloaf or some thanksgiving stuffing. So many ideas and so healthy. I bought some purple sweeties (potatoes) too and they were very healty and sweeter and yummier than sweet potatoes(I don't like sweet potatoes. Unfortunately, I still crave sugar, but atleast I'm making my meals healthier so it makes the sugar a little more o.k. to eat.
Well, Kayla is just wraping up her jazz class. SHe likes to dance and has lots of energy and these classes are doing her well. Clayton still enjoys Happy Hoops (basketball) and looks forward to getting better everytime. He says he wants to be like daddy and play basketball. I honestly think he will end up exceling at an independant sport like karate, which he also likes, but we will just have to see where his interests go.