Tuesday, July 10, 2007

SUmmer Activities

So we ahve our exchange students now. Their names are Peter and Chris and they are from Taiwan. (I don't know their real names, they gave themselves Canadian names) They are great boys. They are easy to get along with. Although, one of them has never made any food for himself in his life. I asked him to cut the tomato for his sandwich and he said he didn't know how. Anyways, I got the cheque from the Board of Education today and there will deifantley be some surplus from houseing these boys. We took Clayton and Kayla go karting this past weekend and they loved it to death. They are go karts with a kids seat besdis the adult seat and Preston and I took turns having a different child beside us. Kayla was so cute becuase she squealed and smiled the whole time and CLayton would go "woooohoooo" with me as we went over the killy parts. It was a great family activity. I am heading out to the Stampede tonight with an old friend from YSA. I didn't even know she was in Calgary, but I am going to hand out with some singles tonight....wierd.
Our house hasn't had any bites yet, I'm still trying to pack more stuff up and get ugly furniture out of the house too. As clean as I've kept it, ugly furnitre doesn't really help.
Thats us!