Monday, February 23, 2009

SIck Sick Sick

February has been a horrible month for our family as far as health goes. CLayton got Strep throat. Even after a round of anitbiotics his throat started to hurt again so I ran him in for another round. Then I got the worst cold ever. I was so lucky that I got my cold on a Saturday so taht when I felt like the biggest bag of dirt ever on Sunday, my mom could take them to church. She even kept them for the whole day and I stayed in bed all day, which I NEVER do so I must have felt really bad. Of course, I found out a few days later that I was pregnant so I'm sure the icky feelings were doubled up ontop of eachother. Kayla last weekend had a fever for 5 days. I thought it would never end. The wierd thing is, is that was all she got. She didn't get sick or eat poorly, she was just tired and had a few naps here and there. SOme days she even had some energy. After that she developed a small cold and cough. Adeline has been the biggest pain though. She had a cold and fever for 3 days and now she refuses to take her bottle. She is only 6 months, she needs her formula but she flat out refuses..probably more so now that I have tried to force it on her so many times. So we are going to the doctor tomorrow to have her weighed, get his opinion, stuff like that. She eats very well though so I give her cereal everytime she refuses her bottle and I mix it with lots of formula. We're also thrying the sippy cup...kinda hard when she is not so co-ordinated. Preston has managed to maintain is good health through all of this, which is good becuase he is still keeping busy. He put the backsplash up this past weekend and is doing the flooring next weekend. I get a massage tomorrow which I am sooo looking forward too. Now, I am going to make Prestons lunch for tomorrow and try to sneak a bottle into my sleeping babys mouth(unfortunately she is too smart for that too most of the time...but I'm trying anyways)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Coming to terms

O.K., I have stopped whining. That last post was like 2 days after I found out, soI was still pretty surprised. I now realize I will be pretty happy to have another one. However, I still hate being pregnant! But I do count my blessings that I have healthy pregnancies so again, stopping whining. I feel pretty good. Just tired all the time and my appetite has changed, but nothing too much. Were trying to frantically finish this reno before Adeline starts crawling. We don't want too much sawdust and nails on the ground for her to eat:) I am very happy with the kitchen, much easier to cook in and more pleasant for sure. I'll take pics when it is all done. Today is family day, but Preston is working...he is getting paid double time so why not? I think we will go to my moms and hang. Good times.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


No, I'm not excited. This was totally unplanned. I started the pill 3 weeks ago and I got a huge cold over this past weekend. At the end of it, I started to feel tired and nauseaus so I took a test. It was positive. The doctor confirmed it the next day. I have no idea how far along I am but I have an ultrasound tomorrow. Yes, we did think we were done. Preston has a vasectomy scheduled, so we had certainly planned to be done. Anyways, so here we are. I HATE being pregnant. I thought I didn't want to be pregnant with Adeline, I can't imagine how insane I am going to go being pregnant with this one. Anyways, yay.