Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Stuff

-Kayla came into my room this morning and said "where's daddy" so I said 'he's at work. WHy?" She said "Because I dreamed he died. There was a volcano and he was working there with the other daddys." I told her that daddy was not working at a volcano.
-I never want to grout again...we are STILL fixing it. I do feel better though becasue I found out the guy sold me the wrong product(non-sanded grout) so it was a lot harder to work with. I could have handled it better, but I will still blame him for all the miersy I've been put through with scraping it all out and starting over. I'm not even a fan of the colour we have. It is showing up a lot lighter than the box says, I wanted a bigger contrast.
-I want to be more spontaneous. I drove past an African restaurant today. It qwas small but it looked nice inside. I kinda want to go there on our date night this weekend...we'll probably end up at Boston Pizza.
-Clayton got the chicken pox this week. I feel kinda dumb because I said I had always refused the vaccinations for my kids becuase it was a yearly thing...which it was not. So, I was feeling dumb putting us through this until Preston made me realize the vaccine is only 75% effective, which means that people can still get it if they are exposed enough(my logic, correct me if I'm wrong) Now, Clayton will be almost 100% immune for a few days of discomfort. I expect Kayla and Adeline will break out next week.
-Preston is working in Mississauga again. I liked him working intown. He got to get up an hour later and home an hour earlier and I didn't have to make his lunch if I didn't want to. However, he gets paid for his traveltime so our family income has gone up for the moment...definate bonus.
-It's really hard to make kids be grateful. I've taken my kids to funworks a few times now They get to run around and crawl and climb. But no matter how many times I tell them how lucky they are to be there they bug me to play those dumb token games that cost a fortune. I warned them last time "NO GAMES" and Clayton still got upset with me. How can I teach them.
- My MIL is visiting this week. Even though she says she is just here to spend time with us, I still feel like we should do something. Really, how much fun is sitting around the house. We have filled the first day though with videogames, battleship and books. The kids really enjoy her company...and I enjoy some freedom.
I like writing like this. I think I'll do it more.