Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well, I love to post pics of Adeline becuase she is so darn cute, but I often forget the others are cute too...well, to me anyways:)
And they have had some milestones recently too. Kayla can pump herself on a swing. A big 'yay' for me because I don't like standing there pushing her. Adeline likes to play in the sand/gravel, so I need to be right beside her making sure she is not eating it. She can also swim very well and will do sommersaults under the water. Clayton is not as confident to do that yet, but he has other strengths. He's been playing t-ball and though he is not that good, he is always there to back his teammates up. He will be playing 3rd base and a ball will be hit down the 1st base line, and he'll run for it anyways. Sometimes the other kids aren;t paying attention and he will actually be the first one to it! I don't think we will do t-ball next summer though. A lot of down time and the kids get antsy. They need to keep running at this age. Maybe soccer next year.
I am so glad that my mom has a pool and we have a hottub. The kids and Preston have been able to spend a lot of time together since being in Ontario. It's sometimes hard to create daddy/child activites...that they both enjoy(Preston struggles with getting down and playing kids games and stuff) but they all enjoy swimming. The would hop through the snow to get to the hottub in the winter(I refused) But they ahve been able to play and spend time together a lot. I went in the hottub with them tonight with Adeline(who also love the water) but they were splashing and having fun and I was just getting grouchy, so I got out. So, I'm glad the kids and Preston have their 'bond' and I am happy to leave them alone with it.
I'm still pregnant and hating it:) Not the baby, just the pregnancy. However, I am not having any problems...just bigger, uglier veins in my legs than last time. People keep telling me I am not gaining as much with this one though and I'm beginning to wonder just how fat I looked with Adeline. 14 more weeks. Adeline went to sleep tonight without too much screaming so hopefully we are on our way to happier evenings. I need to do what I can to free my arms for this new baby, so going to bed on her own is becoming more important.
I got rid of my 3 callings at church...for a new one. I am the enrichement councellor! Yay fun! I love planning activites. I'm not always excellent with frilly details, but I'll have help. I'm just happy to be out of primary...sorry kids:)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby names

Preston read bits of my blog for the first time yesterday and he saw some of your ideas on "P" names. So, he wanted to post the ones he likes and get some comments. Not that he really cares what peoples opinions are, but he would have fun reading your HONEST opinions. We haven't names her yet, and we have 16 weeks to go, so please, be brutal

Petra - is his number one so far. I don't like it.

Pepper - we both thought it was 'cute' but would be an exellent name to make fun of...and reminds me of a little dog. Lori and Debbie hate it.

Piper - help me make Preston realize it is not a boys name.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Too much

I am taking a class right now with CLayton at the hospital to help me be a more organized mom and help him better relate socially in school. I guess he has the odd outburst. I've never thought of him as a trouble kid, and his teacher says she has no problem handling him, she is just worried he will have toruble making friends as the years go on. So, we are taking a class, which I am finding a tad frusterating...since Preston is not. SO I come home all 'enlightened' on how to have a successful home and well adjusted children, and Preston ruins it with his dominant "I'm the parent, your the child' attitude. So, I have to tell him everthing I learn, hoping he is listening, and then correct him when he starts barking at them or teasing them?? ANyways, so I just made routine charts. I have to admit I am a bit of a nag, no help from the kids, so this hopefully will eliminate me from the situation. Our first chart is BEDTIME. I laminated it and it has 4 velcro stickies for toilet, teeth, washing hands and face and pyjamas. They get to move them to the "Done" velcro strip which is followed by a little red arrow that shows them they are ready for snack. So far, they have done great. They like to be independant but they get distracted if I just leave it to them. Hopefully they will feel like they have a goal now...and I can stop yelling. I also have a 3 strike chart for Kayla because she is a really mouthy, disobedient pain in the butt these days. So, 3 strikes and it's early bed. She has 1 far. I'd like to make a 'clean room' chart. Preston likes to ask them to clean their rooms and then leave but a messy room is hard for them to process. They need to do it one task at a time so I want to make a velcro strip with 'pick up garbage' 'dirty clothes in hamper' 'make bed' 'toys on shelf' 'clean clotehs in drawers' for them to work with. We'll see how this all turns out as the weeks go on. We're taking the kids swimming today at my moms and then heading to Lobsterfest for a buffet of lobster(roastbeef for me) A night out!!