Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well, we've gotten through all our appointments. Kayla had 4 cavities filled and was braver than me in that dentist chair. We've ordered our kitchen cabinets and set a date to have the carpet installed. It is nice to see some big progress on the house.
I had Claytons post-assessment meeting and they don't see a problem with him. Which means I get to go back to the school and say 'whats your problem?'
So, things are getting under way. We leave for Calgary tomorrow which is very exicitng. My dad thinks I am crazy for flying with 3 young kids alone. I think Adeline could cause me some grief, but the other two should be a breeze. I'm being optimistic. I'm very excited to have a nice break in Calgary where we are not dealing with renos or school or anything. I got Adeline a Bumbo yesterday. I had my other two before the Bumbo fad so this is my first experience with it. She enjoys it enough so I think it was worth it. I also gave her a little cereal yesterday. I know, she's too young but she was grumpy and it shut her up for a while:)
I have a horrible cough right now that is keeping me up at night so I am sooo tired. Maybe that is why this post is starting to sound lame.

Monday, December 1, 2008


This is my week of appointments. Today I am going to the dentist to get a cleaning. I have 4 cavities that they will be fixing this month. Better than Prestons 7 and Kaylas 4. Luckly, Clayton has none. He would have a fit if he had to get them filled. Kayla got two filled already and was a superstar during the whole thing. Yay for benefits. We've spent $3000 at the dentist this past month already...making up for when we didn't have benefits.
ALso, a guy is in our upstairs measuring for carpet right now. We are going to new carpet installed while we are in Calgary. We have Clayons appointment this week for his testing or whatever. As I ay attention to him more, I do see some small things like how eashe gets distracted when I ask him to do something. I have to ask him to put his shoes on 4 times becuase he will stop along the way to the front hall and pick something up r start talking or something. And he does have a lot of energy, maybe too much. I'm probably makg things up now so I feel like I'm not oblivious to my sons 'problems'. Also I have the parent teacher interview Friday, which I am excited about. I want to finally have a good talk with his teacher. We are also getting cabinets mesurements on Friday and they will start making our cabinets for the kitchen. I find this reno thing exciting, but also tiring. I will be glad when it is done. Right now the kitchen table is on the living room:)
Adeline is growing well. She is such an excellent sleeper. I can't rub it i enough because she is the first good sleeper I have had. 11 hours straight, each and every night. I am so lucky. She's not perfect. She's got a temper and expresses it dring the day but who cares when you are getting enough sleep:)
Kayla had a dance recital this weekend. It was very cute to watch them do their jazz number. Clayton spends his weekends helping do the reno. Hloves to be part of it all with the boys. It's hard to convince him that there is only so much a5 yr old can do. I am in a production called a night in Bethlehem with the church. I am a guide and had to practice this weekend. I get to guide people from Jerusalem to Bethlehem on the night of the Saviours birth. I have many lines to learn. She said I can ad lib but that is not a strength of mine. I am better at knowing my lines reallywell first. Preston works and watchs 24. He doesn't have much going on except the reno. We areboth really excited to the break that our trip to Calgary will hopefully be.