Friday, May 25, 2007

The past week...

This week has been ehuasting. For some reason I have been incredibly tired all week. And not just the tired like 'oh, I'm tired becuase I have young kids' It's the kind of tired like I'm waiting to get sick or something. It's wierd..and my neck and back have been sore every day to, so I'm not sure if I should exercise myself back to health, or rest. I'm just waiting for it to pass. It's been a super busy week. I went to the cannery for the first time on Tuesday and it was lots of fun. I got to can potatos, onions, apples, and lots of other stuff. Then I went and fianlly bought a Coleman stove and some butane. I am trying to prepare a food storage. I am working on water right now cause I guess that is pretty important. Wednesday I had an Ultimate frisbee the rain. Luckly, I wasn't feeling well so I left after 15 minutes. It was a good game to be sick for:) Thursday was my card swap and the party turned out nicely. Lots of ladies showed up and there were some awesome cards. I thought I went too extreme last month so I went simple this month and I had the simplest card...I need to find a happy meduim.
Tonight is finally a relax night....after a long day of Swimming lessons, Gymtastics(which was great by the way Jacquie - very empty and we had the run pf the place) I just ordered some chicken and Preston and I are going to watch some Greys Anatomy. Saturday is some great garage saling in McKenzie Towne. I'm hunting for Action figures becuase CLayton seems to be interested in those and we have zero. I never know when to get them the next stage of toys. Kayla is into little dolls and furniture and houses.
Thats us. Here's some random pics.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Settled In

I feel like I haven't come to my blog in a while becuase I've been wrapped up in Facebook. I'm such a crowd follower. Anyways, we have settled into our house very nicely. I have convinced Preston to stay in this house and not move us again so now I have to make sure I budget. That means bye bye cleaning sad. I love our street. We have some great neighbours and we live in the middle of a quiet street (well it will be quiet when the construction vehicles go away) so everyone gets together and chats in the street in the evening. It's fun. I liked the parks better in McKenzie Towne and New Brighton. They were bigger, more toddler friendly. They have lame little parks here. I gues they figure since they gave us a lake we didn't need any good parks....or maybe I haven't found them yet.
So we have planned our life out right now. I plan to get pregnant in August. My mom told me to remind her not to visit that month:) Then go back to work in December for 4 months to get my hours top collect EI for another whole year. We are milking the system. Why not? I'm just trying to decide where to work. I want a good pay cheque so I can get good EI but I also want to work somewhere fun, like Michaels or The Childrens Place. ANy ideas? I have no degress or anything. Just a lot of office work under my belt. Well, that is our update. If you visit our house it wont look like everyone elses new place. I don't have the perfect living room set, or lovely pictures and matching curtains and certainly no blinds. I'm not that organized. You will see a futon in my livingroom and a lot of missing furniture where there should be some. I have zero desire to shop right's soooo hard to shop for furntiture and I suck at it.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Here's our house

So I got pics. of the house up on here. I didn't bother to clean or get stuff out of the way. I ove my kitchen. A lot of cupboard space, everything is hidden which is great. I also love the master bath. The tob and shower are seperate which is great when I want to take a shower and the kids want to take a bath. Besides that, the house is a house. Most of my pics are on facebook so take a look there. We met a whole ton of neighbours today. Our street is littered with kids, mostly a year or 3 older than Clayton but he still had a blast playing with them all. I don't realize how much I seclude myself from non-mormom people sometimes. Not that I do it on purpose but it's easy to do. Anyways, I just realized how different it can be socializing with non-members when you haven't done it in a while. Different topics come up. The sad part is that it was so obviously different from my other day to day conversations that it makes me realize I need to build some better relationships with my non-mormon neightbours. Keep me out in the real world. I don't know if this is making any sense to was just wierd when your done talking about your kids where conversations go.
Anyways, our neighbours all seem great. Very excited. Trying to convice Preston to stay in this house...maybe even I'll start watchng 1 child to make a few bucks. We'll's not my favourite option. But neither is moving out of this house and neighbourhood. Lots of kids, a school and a perfect house. Love it.
ANyways, we are going to take a Sunday stroll before I make tacos for supper. I don't know why I make them so much. The kids never eat them.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I survived Ultimate Frisbee

I went to my first Ultimate Frisbee practice last night and I was thrilled with my performance. Not that I was the star of the team or anything. But I ran it out and even caught the frisbee! I felt nausea for the first 5 mintues but I got past it. My only problem was when I got home I was exhausted but couldn't sleep. Now I know why Preston can't go right to bed after basketball. Preston bought a72 inch tv a couple days ago...ridiculous. It was supposed to be delivered today but last night I finally talked him down to a smaller one (62 inches but half the price!) He said as long as I delt with I ran out to Best Buy as fast as I could.
Still unpacking. I realized I don't really want to take pictures until the boxes are out of the house. So you will have to wait.