Saturday, January 23, 2010

Olympic Torch

We were able to go see the Olympic Torch realy in Okotoks. It was within waling distance from our house so I took the babies out to see it. I only did it because the weather was nice. I don't really have much interest in the Olympics. I rarely watch them, all though I try sometimes because I feel bad if I don't for some reason. I keep up on how many medals Canada has won, but that is it. I'm glad I went the the realy though, it made me feel patriotic or something:) ANd it was convenient, it was half way to the kids school, so I just finished the walk and picked them up afterward.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I never blog when I actually have something to say, and then when I sit down to blog, I feel like I'm trying to come up with some thing to say. Lets start from the top. Preston registered for school. He is doing some PLC courses to gain more programming skills. He loves to troubleshoot stuff, and this will help him. He'll be going to school Monday and Wednesday evenings. Me, I get to spend more time alone with my lovely children:) It will be a little hard to have him away more evenings a week. Somedays, he works into the evenings, so I'm afraid he will never be home now. RIght now I am tring to do flylady. I'm sucking at it. I've been on day 2 for 3 weeks - shine my sink and put on my shoes. I can't get past it. I think I will have to modify her program to fit my lifestyle. I am also trying to start up a business with my dad. Well, it's my business but he is my sounding board and my technical assistance. It's hard to explain right now. It has to do with hair clips and such, but it is hopefully different from all the hair clip makers/sellers out there. I just renewed Prestons business licence so now I can get a membership to the warehouse I need to get my cheap supplies. We will see...
Clayton LOVES school and I'm so glad becuase it's easy to get him up and out the door. He just got his first birthday party invitation of the year. The party is an hour long. 1 hour. There is no point in me going back I will shop close by. Oh, that is another one of my goals. To only shop once a week. So far I have done well. I don`t like to make do, so I go to the store regularly. I am going to simplify by only going once. I`ve done it for 2 weeks now. WOo hoo.
Kayla is a challenge. She is constatnly asking to have a friend over. CONSTANTLY. She is stubborn and says Ì`m NOT going to school` but she always does. ANd she always says `no`to me. I can hardly wait for her teenage years:) She has her moments though where she is sweet. She gives lots of hugs and kisses and sometimes she will try to clean for me or Preston `to make us happy` but only if SHE wants to. She gave her first talk in church on Sunday and spoke very well.
Adeline is adorable and fun and exhausting. She climbs everything and falls down stairs. She loves to eat play dough and watch crazy christmas light videos on the computer. Penny smiles like crazy these days but it is very obvious she loves her mommy. Preston thinks she doesn`t like him. I think he tries to make her cry so he doesn`t have to hold her. Well, I am going to attempt toboganning today. It`s hard with all four cause Adeline needs me to go down with her, and Penny needs to just sit in the cold stroller. But it`s worth Clayton and Kaylas smiles:)