Saturday, November 27, 2010


My boy is so big. He is 7 now, and I took him last night to Zellers midnight madness sale. It started at 6 and we were there in a line up at 5:45. It was a big mash of people at a starting line and at 6 pm, people ran. I didn`t really think there was a reason to. ANyways, we went there to get some luggage on for $30 for a set of 4...only to realize it was one of the hourly deals that didn`t go on sale till 8pm. SO, we shopped around for an hour and got bored and went to the Zellers restaurant and had some burgers and cake. It was fun to just hang out with him. He is still very much a child, asking me to spin him around in the basket with wheels we were using unstead of a cart. But also, you can talk with him. He asks good questons. While we waited for our food he told me how they are learning measurements in school and his apple juice box at the table was 200ml. He knew that 5 apple juice boxes made a litre. Then I started asking him how many people could have a 200ml drink from our 4L jug of milk at home and he got the answer. He is my little math whiz. ANyways, it was really nice to leave Penny at home, who takes all my time and energy, and just chat with my boy. Well, we went over to the luggage dept and 7:45 and the line was HUGE!!! We decided agaisnt it at that point because I was so done being at Zellers, and I wanted a larger suitcase anyways. We still got some good deals, just not what I went for.
We re almost done Christmas shopping. I am headed to Marks Work Wearhouse today to finish Prestons list. I think we had our own Black Friday shopping here this weekend. Some really big sales this weekend so I`m taking advantage.

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