Sunday, November 7, 2010

October's gone.

Well, we got through a nice October. The weather here was actually great. We had weather in the teens most days and I think the normal daytime high is 5-7degrees. So, we were thrilled to be able to go to the park a little more often than not. With 4 kids, it is nice to be able to go outdoors and let them run around. Kayla and CLayton are at the point that they can go to the park by themselves. I can't see them from it, but I know all the people that back onto the park, all the kids the frequent it, and it is on our street so they don't have to cross any roadways. It has been so handy to let them go and lots of other kids their age live in the street and go to the park on their own so they spend a lot of time with friends. I only got called down to the park once this year becuase Kayla likes to climb trees but can't always get down. I have now told her no tree climbing unless I am there..even then I hate it. Halloween was a blast. Our ward had a trunk-or-treat and it started out with a dance and some kids games. I thought it was great to dance around the gym with my kids. Especially Adeline, she loves a good beat and had fun...after she got used to the dark gym with the scary lights. There were so many trunks, and again, Kayla and Clayton went off on their own to trick or treat and I took Adeline from trunk to trunk while Preston sat with Penny and handed out Candy. Adleine was super confused at first, but it only took her about 5 or 6 cars till she was saying 'next one' and pulling me along. This weekend was yucky. Penny started to throw up at 1am and didn't stop till 4 am, then Adeline started up at 6am and tossed her cookies the rest of the morning. Kayla started up at 9 that night and luckly she would just barf on the towel I gave her and go back to sleep. Jordan also started that night, which surprised me becuase he is never around us, or rarely eating at home so I'm surprised he caught it. I thought I was getting sick last night, so I skipped dinner. I think I was just way over tired and yucky from cleaning up puke 18 times in 2 days. I ate some Froot Loops this AM and I feel fine. I am looking forward to making chocolates with my MIL this month, and doing some fun crafty stuff for Christmas. I 'll post it later.
I have a lot of friends who have started running marathons. I am kind of interested in the idea...only the 10k's. I don't care to try to run 22k's. I'd rather just try to beat my personal best in the 10ks everytime. However, I am having trouble getting out of the house on my own on a regular basis. Maybe I need to set a schedule. ALso, I need to get motivated. Preston and I have been taking the 200 sit up challenge, We are going to mexico in Feb and I am aiming for a 6 pack. Ok, maybe not a 6 pack, but the hottest bod on the boat(for a 30 year old woman with 4 kids and who has no time to herself-I'm being realistic)
ANyways, hopefully, I will update all the things I have mentioned here so you can see my progress. Thanks for listening!

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Kat said...

Sucks about the puking, hopefully thats it for the year:)
We are goign away in Feb. too, I am hoping to get in shape as well for a mother of 4...Not goign to happen, lol